** LAG SCREW SHIELDS, die cast zinc, Powers fasteners **

Lag screw shields are die cast zinc plated steel. Short lag screw shields and long lag screw shields. Powers fasteners. Hard to find items our specialty. Fast delivery.

Lag Screw Shields, die cast zinc, long or short

You can shop for a fastener by clicking on any of the pictures above or Search Our Database for a specific fastener or Browse our catalog index for other types of industrial fasteners.

These Lag Screw Shields are die cast zinc plated steel. They accommodate wood screw type threads. Because they are typically used when joining wood to concrete you will also find some lag screw shields at our Aaron's Anchors Store. Lag screws can also be found on this web site. We also carry a wide variety of other wood screw threaded products on this web site. If you should want machine screws or cap screws please go the the catalog index on the browse page and click on the appropriate hyperlink. You will find practically any industrial fasteners in one of our many fastener stores.

You can shop and buy these industrial fasteners online. If you need to drill a hole for the industrial fastener of your choice, you can find just the right size drill at our Aaron's Drill Bits store. The recommended drill bit size can be found on the free recommended drill size table on this web site.

These fasteners are normally sold in quantities of 10, 100, 1,000 (or multiples thereof) but discounts are given for full carton orders. You may find that a carton order has the same or more pieces in the carton than an order for 100 or 1,000 and yet has a lower price because we are a volume supplier and reward the customer for volume business. Our costs are minimized when we eliminate sorting, counting and packaging. We pass this savings on to you the consumer.

Shipping charges are calculated automatically while you are in the buying process. After you press the "Checkout" button a new screen will ask for shipping method, shipping address and payment method. If you are in California there will be an automatic sales tax added. In addition there will be 50 handling charge added to all orders. If you should want to try different shipping methods to get the one best suited for you, simply click the "Back" button on your browser, change the shipping method and click on "Continue".  If you want to try still another shipping method, simply repeat this procedure.

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If you have a special requirement and can not find it on this web site, send us an e-mail and give us the opportunity of finding it for you. Many of our suppliers make fasteners that are not shown on this site but are readily available.

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